Wong Song

'Wong Song' speaks about the troubles and hardships it took to write the song, going as far as jumping off a bridge and admitting to being addicted to coke.

I'm Kidding

'I'm Kidding' speaks about the reactions to 'Wong Song' and hypes me up to my deserved standard.

Ping Pong

'Ping Pong' speaks about my love for the game Ping Pong and how it has affected my life. I talk about how if I didn't find music in my life, I would've played Ping Pong for a living.

I Am In My Bed

'IAIMB' speaks about Wong's troubles with getting up in the morning and overall mental health.

Le Finale

'Le Finale' includes me going after athletes such as John Cena and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Cheese Louise

'Cheese Louise' speaks about Bucket Cheese and I's love for all kinds of cheese and what we wish would happen with said cheese.

Goodbye, Elliot

I forgot

International Dave

Whilst Dave introduces himself to my audience, I introduce the album to the audience and give them a feel of what's coming next.

Dark Side

'Dark Side' speaks about the side of me that is seen by a small amount of people. The violent side that shows with a feeling of anger.

Galaxy Horror

I continue telling the story of the album and talk about the darker side of the theme.

Gravitational Pull

Ending the album with a good vibes song about the earth's gravitaional pull.


Wong, Carl, and Bucket speak about their love for croissants and their favourite birds.